The Roannais

‘Irresistible’ - an adjective that reveals its true meaning to visitors whose breath is taken away by the magic of the Roannais region.


The Côte Roannaise & its villages de caractère

Come and visit the five villages labelled villages de caractère in the Roannais, and take a trip back in time: Ambierle, Le Crozet, Saint-Haon-le-Châtel, Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire and Charlieu.

The northern gorges of the River Loire

In the north of the department, the Loire wends its way very discreetly, visible only from the lip of a gorge or sometimes more openly from a bend in the road.

Fine dining

Fine dining in the Roannais is defined by its exceptional restaurants and their chefs’ love for the region.

Pommiers en Forez and its priory

Possibility of themed, night and dramatised tours. An open door on the arts, the priory at Pommiers invites you on a journey across a thousand years of architecture.

The Roanne-Digoin canal

With a shady towpath running alongside, the gentle flow of the ‘Roanne to Digoin’ canal offers a moment of relaxation by the waterside.